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I hope you enjoyed the journey through my site! I look forward to connecting further and putting my skills to work for you. Before that, I think it is important you know a bit of my story so we can be in sync from the jump.


I was born in Portland, OR but I spent the bulk of my life in the Seattle area. I have a strong affinity for the Pacific North West and I wanted to stay here for college. I went to the University of Portland from 2017-2021 and graduated with a marketing degree. UP gave me more than I ever expected to get out of college. During those four years, I had the pleasure of working with many talented creators and I was inspired to work behind and in front of the camera more.


I also spent those four years learning how to start a business as my father started his own company, Reach Dental Equipment Service, during my freshman year. Having entrepreneurial parents inspired me to pursue my own creative ventures.


As I have become more proud of my mixed Asian-American identity, helping other AAPI and BIPOC businesses has become increasingly important to me. Sharing my love for different cultures and combining my skills with a unique vision is what gets me excited to do what I do everyday. Let's get to work!

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