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Welcome Home!

With a deep love for interior design since I was a child, I was able to finally able to live out some of those dreams with my first apartment on my own. Through lots of FB Marketplace, thrifted and DIY pieces, and some touches from back home, the apartment has come together and I am building a community around it and design.

Below you can see the latest apartment tour! I cannot wait to continue to improve the place, learn more about design, and share that with the world.


As I was scrolling throughout Instagram and TikTok, I saw so many people that were showcasing their houses or apartments and what makes them unique! I longed to do the same thing and was patient to my own place and furnish it the way I wanted to.


For a few months I constructed this narrative for each chapter of my interior design journey, but instead of overthinking that and trying to make it perfect I started posting on social media and the rest is history!


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