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These are the businesses I have been a part of building throughout my career since college.


In 2017 I became the Marketing Manager for Reach Dental Equipment Service. Throughout college, this role helped me grow as a marketing professional and refine my photo and video skills.


Shortly after graduating I met the co-founders of Bproud, a clothing brand from Portland focused on creating garments that reminds people to be proud of who they are, where they come from, and what makes them unique. After a year of working on various projects, we became family and they wanted to bring me on as the full time Creative Director in 2023.


Last year, I met Nico Vergara through a video collaboration and we became quick friends. A year into our friendship he reached out to me looking to elevate his socials for both his Ice Cream and Cantina businesses. After our first shoot together, we realized how in sync our visions are and have been creating content for the community since.

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