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Combining forces with a focus on building community and showcasing rich culture in Portland, the work I am creating with Nico's Ice Cream and Nico's Cantina has been some of the most creative/culturally fulfilling I have done in my career.


Above are three of our favorite videos! Our goal is to create scroll-stopping visuals that build community and showcase what makes Nico's different.

With a similar passion to showcase our cultures here in Portland, Nico sharing his Mexican heritage through his Guadalajaran roots and me with my Chamorro heritage through my Guamanian roots, allow us to be in sync as we work together.


Nico and I are both 24 year old entrepreneurs focused on building meaningful community. Our youthful, yet polished approach to growing businesses has created a strong momentum as we are preparing to expand beyond Portland in 2024.

We are just getting started! Follow @nicosicecream & @nicosicecream to follow our journey!

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